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Jill at PodiumCongratulations on your decision to invest in personal development for the people you lead. You understand the value of providing education and inspiration, and the benefits of a happier environment for your members or employees, along with improved communication and efficiency. Those benefits will also improve the experience of your clients and customers.

Thanks for considering me as a speaker at your event or for your organization or company. Any of the topics on which I speak can be presented as a keynote address or in a workshop format. The topics can also be customized to achieve your particular goals.

Stephanie Townsend AllalaI own a law firm, and we hold an annual employee retreat. At our most recent retreat, Jillian guided our whole group through the Mastermind Circle process. It was a very meaningful, interactive sharing of personal and professional goals, leading to an outcome in which we agreed on our priorities for the coming year. She gave us basic techniques for clearing some areas of conflict, tools that we continue to use to this day. Her easy manner and smile rubbed off on all of us, making it easier for team members to communicate with candor, clarity and kindness. We hope she can come back next year. Stephanie Townsend Allala

Here are my most popular topics:

Depression Awareness and Solutions:
How to Recognize Depression and Provide Real Solutions

The World Health Organization says depression is the biggest public health challenge in the world today. Depression impacts as many as one in four people. This presentation will help you identify depression, and offer appropriate, effective ways to respond.

Reboot Your Bliss™:
Dynamic Techniques to Design the Life You Want

Many people go through life responding to situations, never really knowing what they want. The techniques taught in Reboot Your Bliss™ help individuals and groups determine their personal and shared goals, and create the reality they desire.

 I attended Jillian Coleman Wheeler’s weekend works11952992_10207455704660818_224714024241108364_n(4)hop,  Reboot Your Bliss™:
Dynamic Techniques to Design the Life You Want, and it was a one of the best experiences of my professional life. The workshop was interactive and every person who attended was deeply involved in the process. I think it’s fair to say we all walked away with a new perspective and a whole toolkit of techniques to use in the future. Patricia Cuney, sponsor of Women’s International Spirituality Conferences

Mastermind Circles:
A Powerful Tool to Strengthen Organizations

The Mastermind process has been used for more than a century to allow individuals to draw on the wisdom and experience of the group to reach their goals. I use Mastermind Circles to create a unique shared experience of mutual support and connection that members and employees can continue into the future.

Create an Intentional Mission-Driven Culture:
Increase Profits and Have Happier Clients, Customers and Employees

Does your organization have a mission statement? If so, does it reflect your current aspirations? An intentional mission statement is vital to expressing the culture of your organization, providing meaning for your employees and creating a great experience for your clients and customers.

Jillian is a long-time friend, mastermind partner and co-author whose work I admire greatly. She has spoken at workshops I have led, and her presentations are compelling and very well-received.  She’s smart, compassionate, and great with people. I highly recommend her. Joe Vitale (Star of The Secret, author of The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits, and many other books)

Authentic Leadership:
Leadership Training To Transform Lives and Organizations

In today’s more egalitarian world, leaders need new techniques to influence and inspire the people who follow them. Authentic Leadership helps leaders clarify their own most deeply-held values, so they can lead with integrity and authenticity.

Increase Productivity Across Your Organization:
Time Management Based on Principles, Not Just Process

We all know time is wasted in organizations, and time management experts offer a variety of tricks and quick fixes to address the problem. I teach managers and employees how to allocate their time and efforts in way that arises from and reflects deeply-held principles and values.

Tom and Diane

Jillian Coleman Wheeler has been a consultant to our business for a number of years. She has provided input in our marketing and social media campaigns, has assisted in the development of our courses and has helped provide personal development guidance to our clients. We recommend her highly. Tom and Diane Pauley, Rich Dreams.com

Our Services:

Speaking – 

When you contact us about speaking, we will provide a prompt and professional response. We’ll follow up with a personal phone conversation so we can understand your needs and goals, and how we can meet them. The best way to reach us is through email, at:


If your event is open to the public, we will support attendance with an announcement on this blog and social media.

You can be assured of an educational, inspirational and entertaining presentation. Afterwards, attendees will have access to a customized resource website, which will include all the slides used in the presentation, along with links to pertinent information such as books, articles and research.

A member of my staff or I will also have a follow-up conversation to discuss your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

Business Consulting – 

Personal development consulting for your business can be customized according to your requirements and the needs of your staff.

Online Business Consulting –

According to availability, I also provide individualized consulting to startup and established online businesses.  Consulting programs are customized according to the needs of the client, and incorporate the principles set forth in my book Your Internet Cash Machine: The Insiders’ Guide to Making Big Money Fast! For more information, contact me or a member of my staff at:


About Me:

My husband and I operate our business and live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I have three grown children and three grown nieces whom we helped raise, and ten grandchildren. We love to travel. I’m an avid reader and walker, and I am happiest near the ocean.

I have roots in two countries. My mum was Canadian and my dad a Texan.  I grew up in Vancouver, B.C., up and down the West Coast, and in Texas.

I have been a writer, speaker and consultant for more than three decades. I have a background in counseling, writing and marketing.

I graduated summa cum laude from St. Edward’s University with a degree in Community and Mental Health, and trained as a counselor at The Texas Institute of Family Psychiatry in Houston.

I’m the contributing or co-author of six books on personal development and business, most published by Wiley New York. These include:

Your Internet Cash Machine: The Insiders’ Guide to Making Big Money Fast! Co-authored with Joe Vitale

Meet and Grow Rich, With Bill Hibbler and Joe Vitale

Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, A Jack Canfield “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book

Life’s Missing Instruction Book, With Joe Vitale

Methods of the Masters, With Kathryn Orford and other contributors

How to Crush It in Business without Crushing Your Spirit, With Ellen Violette and other contributors, #1 Bestseller on Amazon.

My newest book, Reboot Your Bliss™: Help for Depression, will be published in Spring of 2018.

I’m also a contributor to a number of major publications, focusing on personal development and business.

The Next Step:

To determine whether I’m available to speak at your event and to open the conversation, contact me at:


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