JillianHello, and welcome. I’m Jillian Coleman Wheeler. I am a mentor, speaker, and creator of Reboot Your Bliss™. I work with individuals and organizations. I offer classes, and speak and write about personal development, spirituality, and health and success in life and work.

Speaking and Consulting

Personal Mentoring

I’m so happy you are here. I believe there are no accidents. We draw to ourselves the people and the resources we need when we are ready for them.

What are you longing for right now? I believe that whatever you want, if it is for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned, the Universe wants it for you. All that’s standing in the way is your own ability to receive. It’s time to open your heart to joy and abundance!

Through my writing, I hope to share with you my journey in life, and what I have learned. I have come a long way, from an abusive childhood, through an early marriage and divorce, years of struggle as a single parent, and a debilitating depression that almost took my life. Today that life is filled with deep love, joy and abundance, with family, fun, and personal and professional satisfaction.

Through my mentoring, I also share the practical tools that I have used over the years with my clients. I have incorporated these into my Reboot Your Bliss™ programs.

I believe you are your own expert. You already have within all that you need to fulfill the promise of your life. You have undoubtedly done a lot of personal growth to get where you are in your life today.

My work as a mentor is to provide you with tools you can use in your own individual journey to a life rich in happiness, health, love, peace and prosperity. As a speaker and consultant, I share these tools with organizations. My work through my writing is to be a mirror and a source of support to you.

Life is an amazing adventure, and I am honored to share it with you.


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