Looking Back, Looking Forward

I returned home this afternoon from a morning spent Masterminding for 2017. Now, in the southern tradition, blackeyed peas, collard greens, and cornbread are cooking to enjoy with whichever kids, grandkids and friends drop by later.

This dinner gives me one more evening to share the beauty of our Christmas tree, adorned with homemade ornaments created and hung proudly over the past 50 years. Some are a little battered and faded, but I love seeing them on the tree, and so do the grandchildren, amazed to think their parents were once children excited to open their presents.

The New Year has begun, and I find myself motivated in a way I haven’t been in several years. My course, Reboot Your Bliss™: Help for Depression, and the book of the same name, are almost complete.

I’ve worked on them over the past few years, but despite my best intentions, progress was slow, and interrupted by life events (including my long recovery from a ruptured Achilles Tendon). Then in May, I began to feel a powerful drive to accomplish, and I have been cranking out work ever since.

Perhaps my internal timing is synchronized with some as yet unknown events in the outer world. I’ll see.

In addition to my personal healing, 2016 brought resolution to two challenging situations involving younger members of our family. That lifted a weight for me. It feels light and easy now to focus on moving forward successfully in 2017.

Dempsey can retire from his job at the end of this year, and our plan is to spend much of the next year traveling. Most of our life together has been devoted to domestic responsibility. Now we are loving our time as a couple, and looking forward to big adventures.

This was a year of exceptional political division in our country. I hope 2017 will bring us healing. I pray for peace in the world. I hope our leaders find a balance of policy that will protect the most vulnerable among our citizens even as we move forward in a new direction.

While I have some concerns about the road forward, I trust the process of change. I strongly believe when we act out of loving kindness, and hold a clear intention for our desired outcomes, we are powerful in manifesting our personal future. When enough conscious people hold positive intentions, we can manifest good things for our society.

For you, my readers and clients, I am so grateful. Thank you for your friendship. I wish you a New Year filled with love, health, and abundance – a year of bliss!

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