Reboot Your Bliss™: Help for Depression

Depression is a complex condition, and to begin to heal, you must understand how depression and anxiety affect your body, mind and spirit.

Here are a few highlights of my course, Reboot Your Bliss™: Help for Depression:

1) Understand how food, sleep and exercise affect depression, and specific actions you can take to break the cycle of depression on a physical level. Learn about innovative new treatments available to banish anxiety and “fine tune” your body for happiness.

2) Gain insight about how your brain works, get familiar with commonly-prescribed medications and how they affect you, and understand the way nutritional supplements can improve brain function. Learn about the alternatives in psychotherapy, as well as non-traditional treatments.

3) As human beings, we cannot separate the three aspects of our being – body, mind and spirit. In many ways, depression and anxiety are spiritual disorders. This class gives you new tools for approaching your life on a daily basis.

Like all Reboot Your Bliss™ offerings, this class also focuses on principles of Law of Attraction, and how you can make a few simple changes to attract a blissful life.

The course also includes Weekly Action Plans and informational worksheets.

Reboot Your Bliss™: Help for Depression is available as a 4-week basic program, and as a 12-week expanded program.

This program will be opening soon. Sign up for your free gift, and I’ll notify you when.

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