Creating 2016

Passion Planner2On January 2nd, my MasterMind partner and I spent the day engaged in our annual New Year process. We wrote down everything from 2015 that we wanted to release from our lives. We shared what we’d written, then we performed our ritual burning of the papers.

After that, we got down to the serious work of planning for 2016. Although I use Google calendar and sync my appointments with my phone, I really like working on paper. This year I’m using a new tool, the Passion Planner. The designer ran a hugely successful KickStart campaign to fund production, and it caught fire.

In the process Ann and I use, we identify our most important professional and personal goals, then break them down into blocks of tasks required to accomplish them. The Passion Planner has a place to do all that, as well as room for To Do lists, mind mapping and more. After the first week, I’m finding it an excellent tool for me.

I bought my daughter the planner she really wanted, Leonie Dawson’s Shining Workbooks and Diary. Leonie is an artist, and the books are gorgeous as well as practical.

I’m not an affiliate for either of these planners, by the way. Just a fan.

My husband and I have set aside time this weekend to share and coordinate our goals. We’re already working together on a two-year plan, and we’re excited about that.

What are you doing to prepare yourself for success in 2016? I am interested in hearing about your process and the tools you use.

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