Conscious Creation for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is an intentional act, or more accurately, a series of specific intentional acts. The process begins with an idea, a concept that sparks a decision. Once the decision is made, the next step is to take action. Each action opens new possibilities, new opportunities envisioned by the entrepreneur, and the necessity of taking still more steps toward creating the vision he or she holds. This is the process of conscious creation.

We entrepreneurs are a breed unto ourselves. We are visionaries, capable of imagining potentials unseen by people whose brains are wired differently. An entrepreneur may hatch a dozen ideas within a short period of time, only one of which will prove viable. I have laughingly coined the term, “entrepreneurial disease,” for the impulse we share to explore all the ideas our brains are continually generating. That is a compulsion we must resist in order to give our next most promising idea a chance to get off the ground.

Entrepreneurs need the support of pragmatic thinkers to help us sort through all the projects we imagine, so we can focus on what is viable in the real world. The joy of entrepreneurship lies in creation, and in seeing our ideas take shape and begin to affect the lives of others.

It is also important for entrepreneurs to recognize that the qualities that drive conscious creation are not the same skillset required to manage an established project. Few of us are good at both. To help our project thrive and grow, we need to find people whose path it is to maintain and nurture the business we have created.

Then it’s time to go forth, envision the next project, and consciously create something new to serve the world.





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