I was something of a small town political hot potato… Once I understood what was happening, I tried everything I could think of to resolve the situation. This was a tragedy in my young life, and as happens in tragedy, I moved that year through disbelief and denial, into bargaining, through anger and despair, and finally into acceptance. On graduation night, I sat in the audience…The consequences of this situation impacted my life in much bigger ways.

Race and War in 1964

In our little town, as in towns across the South, schools had been segregated since the end of the Civil War. Schools for the black kids were on the other side of the railroad tracks. Even Hispanic students spent the first three years in separate schools, ostensibly to learn English. There were segregated bathrooms and water fountains, and black moviegoers sat upstairs in the theatre balcony. Despite the Brown v. Board of Education decision ten years earlier, 1964 was the year our school finally integrated.

Today’s Supreme Court Ruling on Healthcare

Today the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the landmark healthcare bill, the Affordable Care Act. This decision removes any legal obstacles to implementation of the Act, although individual states can decide to decline federal funds and not expand their … Read more…