Feeling My Way to a More Conscious Response


Today is September 11th, the thirteenth anniversary of the devastating 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. As Americans remember that event, the country is about to enter yet deeper into conflict with ISIL, a terrorist organization that is perhaps the most dangerous we have ever faced. It is a time of remembering, sadness, anger, frustration, … Read more…



I was something of a small town political hot potato… Once I understood what was happening, I tried everything I could think of to resolve the situation. This was a tragedy in my young life, and as happens in tragedy, I moved that year through disbelief and denial, into bargaining, through anger and despair, and finally into acceptance. On graduation night, I sat in the audience…The consequences of this situation impacted my life in much bigger ways.

Soundtrack 1964


In 1964, I was listening over and over again to Willie Nelson singing I Remember You. It wasn’t like any of the music he’s known for today. He was writing a lot of music in those days for other people, but he was always experimenting. He played an amazing jazz guitar. Soldier Boy was on the radio a lot that year; it perfectly expressed our angst about the war.